EUROSTAR Problem with seat reservations

  • 28 June 2022
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Hi community, 

I bought a mobile global Interail pass a few days ago and since then I have to say my experience with Interail website and customer service has been completely awful. 

I was first able (after experiencing many problems with Interrail website though) to book my first trip: Colmar (France) - London. Unfortunately after that it has been impossible for me to buy my second trip on the website: London - Bern on the 31st of July 2022 or even only London - Paris via Eurostar.

The website says ‘prices unavailable. Check back in a few hours to see prices and book this seat reservations’. I have been checking now for many many hours and days and it is still the same.

I have to add that before I bought my pass I was able to check the prices of these trips and all on their webiste, so I really don’t understand what is going on now.  

Then I wrote Interail customer service several times from last Friday and still got no answer from them. I have been looking on forums and websites for hours and it seems that many travellers have issues with their Eurostar reservations with Interrail. I tried to follow some advice I read, so:

  • I called SNCF (France) today, unfortunately they told me they don’t make Eurostar reservations anymore, although they really tried to help me with this issue.
  • I called SBB (Switzerland) and they could book the tickets but only at a normal Eurostar price (above 200 euros only for London - Paris!!). 
  • I tried to book my tickets on B Europe (Belgium), which have normal Eurostar Interail prices for the date I want to book (30-34 euros), but I need the Pass cover number to complete my booking and Interail has not provided it to me yet (already asked several times). 
  • I was not able to reach B Europe on their customer care number +32 (0) 70 79 79 79 as it does not work with Skype.

To my mind my last options are: 

  • Waiting for Eurail to answer me. I received an email today saying it can last up to 2 weeks as they are really busy now… What if no more Interail seats are available on the journey I plan to do?
  • Call Eurostar, which I will do tomorrow. 

Any other advice to help me solve this problem? 
Thank you in advance for your help :)


6 replies

Similar problem, I am pulling my hair out. I hope someone has advice!

I have been waiting from Interrail customer service for now 10 days and still got no answer… I contacted them like 10 times through chatbot, messenger, Instragram...

Definitely an horrible experience before one even take a single train.

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@Jean brotte @Summer p 


Eurail launched a Pass Cover Number generator today. There has been some problems with the numbers generated but you can try and see if the Pass Cover Number you get is valid online at b-europe.


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SNCF are doing their best again to chase customers away :(

All Eurostar reservations can also be done by phone via NS. No booking fees (since pass reservations can't be booked on their website), reservations are sent via e-mail and they're available 24/7.


So Interrail’s customer service eventually answered me after 3 weeks of stress and anger. The most annoying thing with my Interrail’s experience is that I had no means to reach them and get any help (no phone, no answer on social media, only chat with a robot, etc.). This community forum is nice and maybe cheaper for Interrail but it does not a provide a real customer service which Interrail needs given the huge problems of its website and app.

When I could finally talk to the people from the customer service by email they where nice and helpful but I was really surprised Interrail does not offer any compensation or gesture of goodwill for the serious problems the expensive service they are selling has.

I have never had such a bad experience with a travel company and I would for sure not recommend Interrail/Eurrail to anyone.

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So Interrail’s customer service eventually answered me after 3 weeks of stress and anger.

You do realise that you could have booked your reservations elsewhere, using the advice given above?