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  • 21 March 2023
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I live in the UK. I have a global pass to start with Eurostar trip from London to Brussels in 2 weeks.  I booked seat reservations through Interrail app.  I want to change the date by two days.  Can I do that without charge still using my first free trip leaving the UK?  How do I do that?


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It’s not free to change dates. Eurostar charge for passholder reservation alterations. Do not activate your pass until just before you travel.

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Put your booking reference (from the reservation) into Manage Booking on the Eurostar website. You should be able to change the reservation for £15

 Then remember to change the entry in your travel diary to reflect the new departure

Sounds like you're both certain  That's what I came up against.  So then you just show the pass when you're on the train having put it in the diary/activation?

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On Eurostar, you’ll need the boarding pass (get it from the Eurostar website, you can add it to Apple Wallet) to get past the check in gate. 

sometimes the gate will reject you, and they will ask to see your pass. There’s no check onboard the train. 

OK, great  - except for the Apple wallet!  But I got the last boarding pass print out ok so that should work.


Thank you both.

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You don't need the Apple Wallet, you can print your reservation or show it as PDF or on Eurostar App.

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Apple Wallet is just an option. Maybe Android too. Of course you can print the PDF or even get something printed out at the terminal

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I managed to load and scan the reservations via (manage booking > get tickets) on my phone. Without any app.