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I have booked reservation on eurostar from london to paris on 21st May. I want to change that to other date, Eurostart app allows me to do that, Can I go ahead and change the date? What will happen to reservation booked via interrail? Will it still show on interrail account? if the interrail account did not get updated, will my interrail pass get activated on 21st May?


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the reservation is not linked to the pass. the reservation will be on the eurostar system use the booking code to enter the portal. as far as i know you can change the reservation date free of charge (one time) if there is a fee the site should display a price prompt and you can always opt out of the change.  

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Activation of your Interrail pass or of a travel day is completely separate from reservations you make. You'll have to activate the pass or a travel day yourself in the app. It's best to wait until you're sure you're going to use that travel day.