Eurostar reservation change: Standard to Standard Premier

  • 6 September 2023
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I have a First Class Interrail Pass though, when I booked Eurostar seat reservations via SNCB, only Standard and Business class reservations were options on the screen. I booked Standard ones (as Passholder seats were disappearing quickly) though want to change to Standard Premier seats that are covered by my First Class pass, even paying a small upgrade charge. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do this via Eurostar/Interrail/Eurail/SNCB. Currently there are no spare Standard Premier seats left on my outbound journey, though there are on my inbound one. This forms one of the reasons I bought I First Class pass. Any suggestions please? Thanks.


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The problem here is that you booked the wrong seat and there is no method of correcting that without you buying another reservation in the correct class and binning the unrefundable 2nd class reservation.


There is no mention of “business class” on

You are required to nominate your pass type, 1st or 2nd class and then you are offered the available seats that your pass allows, for 1st class pass you are offered 2nd or 1st (with 1st being a Eurostar Standard Premier seat), you chose 2nd.

Thanks for your quick response. I feared as much.

I assumed that First meant Business, not Standard Premier. That said I’m planning to buy another pass next month, so will know what to do then.