Eurostar seat reservation Brussels to London. Not able to because of my home country?

  • 24 June 2022
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Hey guys!

In July I want to travel from East Germany to London with the global pass.

I just wanted to reserve a seat in the Eurostar and in the process stumbled upon the travel conditions, which are: “"Traveler must be in possession of a valid Interrail Global Pass or Eurail Global Pass, which covers at least the country of departure and arrival. The fare is valid for a traveler in possession of an Interrail Global Pass or Eurail Global Pass, if part of the Eurostar journey takes place in the traveler's country of residence. Only holders of a 1st class pass are allowed to travel in 1st class Standard Premier.". Does the highlighted part mean, that I am not allowed to use the Eurostar with my ticket, because I’m from Germany? I really don’t get it, because for me that makes no sense AT ALL. There is no Eurostar journey which takes place in germany, so I don’t have another option, I need to take this one from Belgium.


I am sooooo confused :D Thankful for any help!


(For reference: I start my journey in Halle (Saale) and drive by ICE to Cologne. Next morning I continue my journey with an ICE to Brussels, where I wanted to take the Eurostar to London.)


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That has come up already this week, just ignore it. It was either written by a halfwit or is a garbled translation that nobody bothered to check before uploading.


It probably (my guess) should end in “ if part of the Eurostar journey takes place in the traveler's country of residence… they can only use it as part of their outbound/inbound days.

It makes no sense as it is written and is not correct.


Eurostar is valid with global passes and the appropriate supplement/reservation.

Thanks a a lot for your fast answer!


I think I just figured it out... maybe its meant like “its valid with the interrail global pass OR the eurail global pass, if ….” - so just in case you’re not an european citizen (for example uk) and you travel to Brussel/France/whatever. Then you’re only allowed to take the train, if your travel through your homeland? Which would also be a really shitty rule in the end. Idk its just weird.

Thanks again!

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NO-it means that ONLY full global passes are accepted-not the 1country and also that you canNOT use any local pass/season to cover the part of €* in your own country (f.e. BE has plenty of dirt-cheap all-lines local season tickets)