Eurostar Train from London to Amsterdam during UK Rail Strike on June 21- can we follow Eurostar advice to take IC?

  • 18 June 2022
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Hi all,

So I’m using my Eurail pass to travel from London to Amsterdam on the Eurostar on June 21. I already reserved my seats through the Eurail site and received my e-tickets a couple of weeks ago. I just got word, from Eurostar, however, that the train leaving at 11:04 will no longer be stopping at Amsterdam but instead at Brussels. The email also said that we can still use our Eurostar ticket to go catch an Intercity train from Brussels to Amsterdam. My question is, can we go ahead and move forward with the suggestion made by Eurostar and just take the train from London to Amsterdam and then hop on board IC to Amsterdam? Or do we have to have to reserve another ticket for both of these trips? Lastly, how would we fill out our Travel diary in this situation? If anyone is in a similar situation, please let me know how you have figured it out as most of the Eurostar phone lines are closed this weekend. Thanks!


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The IC train between Brussel and Amsterdam have no reservations. Yust add the trip to the pass and hop on the train.


For the first leg London-Brussel normally it should be the same train, but it doesn't continue to Amsterdam, but I'm not sure. Ask directly via Socials Eurostar.

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From NL here: yes, Ive also heard/read that on those strike days NO €* trains at all run in/out of NL-the pax have to use the ALTernat-hourly BeNeLux, probably not the over expensive and also curbed and Must TREServe Thalys. With any pass this should make no prob at all-jyst sit in train some time longer.