Eurostar with CIV conditions?

  • 21 February 2023
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I’m planning a multi-leg trip on one particular day, with the last leg being Eurostar from Brussels to St Pancakes.  According to schedule I will arrive in Brussels (from Koln) with 90+ minutes to spare for the last train of the evening, so I expect I will be OK for the connection.  I’m aware that in Eurostar terms this might be a tight connection, but it’s a timing I’m happy enough with.

However . . . if one of the earlier trains is delayed and I get to Brussels too late, is this covered by CIV regulations?  Will Eurostar accept my ticket and/or rebook me for a train the next morning?  The information here seems to indicate this is the case, but it’s not 100% clear to me.  Plus . . . the Eurostar page covering this is seems to indicate that it’s sort of covered, but not if it involves a connection, which I thought was the whole point of this particular regulation.

3.3 If you purchase a ticket or series of tickets which include travel on a service other than a Eurostar train service, then subject to paragraph 3.4, our contract with you is limited to the part (if any) of your journey which is on the Eurostar train service. Your contract(s) for the parts of your journey which are not on the Eurostar train service will be governed by the byelaws and conditions of carriage of the other operators involved. The PRR and the CIV may not apply to the other parts of your journey: you should check with the other carriers concerned for details.

3.4 Eurostar is working with other carriers to create products allowing customers to travel from/to destinations beyond the Eurostar network. These can either be formed as summated tickets with the byelaws and conditions of carriage applicable to each carrier applying to the part of the journey on their respective trains, or as connection tickets permitting a single contract of carriage for travel on the services of Eurostar and the other carrier(s). Where such connection tickets are sold by Eurostar, they are referred to in these Conditions as “Connection Ticket(s)”.

So, my core question is - since Eurostar only sell tickets on their own route network and don’t allow you to buy a ticket from (say) Koln-London, via Brussels is there a way to be sure that CIV will kick in if there is a delay getting from Koln?

Secondary question - has anyone ever gone through this in practice and been accommodated on a train the next day?





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AFAIK Eurostar will normally put you up for the night and rebook you on a train the next day.