Eurostars : Brussels - London and outbound ticket

  • 30 April 2022
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I'm traveling with a global pass (2month - 15 travel day), I have the mobile pass. I'm a French traveler. I've starting my trip and I'm currently in brussel. I need to be in London next week. However, when I want to book a train on the app, it is counted as an outbound ticket, because my train is passing through my country of residence. Is it normal?


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4 replies

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Yes, that is normal. You can only travel in your country of residence on 2 of your travel days.

If you need more travel days in your country of residence, then you need to buy extra tickets from the border, or, if that's not possible, from/to the last station abroad. So think about which journeys you need to make in/through France and use your pass for the most expensive ones.

I’m also interested in this question (mostly theoretically). Is a French-resident global pass valid on a Eurostar train from London to Brussels that does not stop on the way (in particular not in Lille)? An example of such a train is the first one of the day departing at 07:41.

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@Dominik Peters If you take the Eurostar from Brussels to London that will count as both an inbound and an outbound journey for a passholder with France as country of residence.

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@Dominik Peters 

Apparently the info in the link I added above is wrong. Only one day of travel in your country of residence will be used if you transit the country.