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I have an first class Interrail ticket and unfortunately I was not able to reserve my own sleeper compartment on the Interrail website for the night trains from Stockholn to Lulea (NT 92) and from Narvik to Arlanda C (NT 93), but "only " a ticket in a 6-person sleeper car. Can I exchange the reservations?


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NOT=nicht to single, or perhaps even 1st, as we read some weeks ago that the comp running this trains does not allow cheapo (geizbillige) passholders to use such expensive compartments for so little!

Hmm, not nice. Nor can I book individual seats on the pages without buying a train ticket.

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You can get a 2nd class sleeper on those night trains. Maybe they were sold out and only the 6-person couchettes were available. 

What dates do you want to travel?

That's true, but on the Interrail website I was only able to reserve the 6-person sleeper car, although also offers the 2nd class sleeper compartments (unfortunately I didn't see that until later). Actually, I just want to exchange the Interrail reservation for a sleeper compartment. Let's see, I wrote to

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Ok. I didn't realise that you had made the booking already.

Tickets for trains in Sweden are best booked at

Enter "Interrail or Eurailpass" as "SJ Prio /Period ticket" and an I or E followed by any 8 didgits as card number.