Experience with SEV between Innsbruck and Brenner

  • 7 August 2023
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Hey there!
I was planning on taking the train from Munich to Florence. Anyone here who also took this route during the construction in Innsbruck, which leads to replacement busses between Innsbruck and Brenner? How was your experience, did it work well? Does the train in Brenner wait for the busses? 
Thank you a lot!


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2 replies

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@Lady_Hangaku for the trip from Munich to Florence, I'd personally recommend you to take the connection via Zurich. It will be convenient as you don't need to use any replacement bus.

After all, that will be great to hear the experience from other community members who took the route you mentioned.

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Hello the bus replacement works good, normally they wait the EC train. They do not wait the local trains REG