First Class seat reservation showing as N/A

  • 17 July 2022
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Hi all,

First time traveller on the Eurail. My wife and I just purchased first class tickets and will be traveling through all of August.

When I try to book some things like London to Amsterdam for example, a seat reservation is required and there is an option for a first class and second class seat reservation, but when I try booking from Amsterdam to Munich and Munich to Milan which are both overnight trips there is no option for a first class reservation, only a second class option, the first class reservation just comes up as N/A on the Rail Journey App.


Is this because first class seats are all taken or another reason? I have added my pass to the app but have not activated it does this matter?


Any help on this topic and anything else would be a massive help, including any experience with first class travel and if it is worth it


Thanks in advance!




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There is no 1st class accommodation on these trains.

Typically these night trains have 2nd class seats as well as couchettes and sleeping cars. You can book any of these that are available and a discount for passholders is available.


You should read this thread for detailed instructions on how to best get reservations from various sources.