For trip to France: check seat reservations before I buy the pass

For a trip to and through France, I would like to first check whether seats can still be reserved for certain trips. But I have to provide a passport number for this. I don't have that number yet.Because I don't want to buy the pass until I know that there are even seats available for my trips. What can I do?

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You don't need a pass number to check. Please use the link below.


Thank you very much. At least that helped a little. However, I fell into the trap: some trains seemed to have reserved seats. After I bought the pass, these trains were no longer usable for me.Thank you anyway!
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What would be your travel date and journey ? For example on selected weekends TGVs Paris - Bordeaux start at Paris-Austerlitz and won’t show if you search Paris-Montparnasse - Bordeaux. Actually it’s best to select Paris directly. Let me know if needed.

The link above only shows TGVs within France. There is no quota in France so as long as you can buy regular tickets, seat reservations will be available (10-20€)