From Dubrovnik to Split. No train, what is the alternative with Interrail

  • 10 May 2022
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I am leaving to take an interrail trip this summer and was starting to check my itinerery. I noticed that there are no train line between Dubrovnik and Split. Are there any way to connect these two cities that may be included in the interrail global pass ? 

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I don’t know about any discounts with interrail on this route. There is no train line and the buses companies don’t work together with Interrail. So if you wanna travel on this route, you will have to buy separate bus tickets. From Dubrovnik you could continue by another bus to Montenegro (also not included) and from there continue by train (included) to Serbia (VERY BEAUTIFUL line). Just from Serbia you might have to use again a train to get to another country...

Definitely recommended, Dubrovnik is nice but in summer it might be VERY crowded thx to useless cruise ship tourists.

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IF you plan to travel mostly in this area=old Yugoslavija then a pass is of little or no value. There are also as for now NO trains over border from Serbije, so what MM tells is also impossible-that will also be bus. BUSes are not overly expensive in this area