From Helsinki to Stockholm is there an available route?

  • 24 December 2021
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Hi, I want to travel from Helsinki to Oslo via Stockholm. Is it possible?

3 replies

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Sure. By land it's quite a long way. The most comfortable is probably by ferry, either Helsinki to Stockholm or Turku to Stockholm. The ferries only give a reduction but that also means you don't need to use a travel day if you don't use any trains on the day you leave with the ferry.

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And since many, many years there are 2 competing ferries- Silja/STena and Viking-and most times the normal fares are even quite cheap. And esp. those all the way from HEL are excellent cruiseliners. They make their money from the ´skattefritt=taxfree’sales!

In fact one of these from Turku was ´free´ for IR-holders-but you still have to pay the porttax and the on night sailings obligatory bed/sleeper space

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I just checked the prices. Now, for example, Helsinki - Stockholm Tallink / Silja costs 12 euros without discounts (a day trip without a cabin). Pretty affordable.