From Sicily to London: no option to book night train on Mobile Interrail Pass, and travel in Sicily

  • 18 July 2022
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3 issues I hope someone has experience of and answers to:

  1. we’re looking to travel over night from Messina back to the UK on 21 September (2 of us) but the Interrail app (Global Pass) is only giving me options with about 10 or so changes! When I look on Trenitalia, there are Frecciarossa and Frecciargento sleepers with just 1 or 2 changes but no option to book/reserve with interrail (none that I can see - have looked at all the discount options but no Interrail). How do I book a sleeper from Messina to London (stopping in Milan or Turin for the night)?
  2. in sicily itself, what’s the best way of getting from Trapani to Siracusa stopping off in Piazza Armerina (or Enna) on the way? Looks like buses are the best option, but maybe you’ve found a good rail route?
  3. would a ferry - with or without interrail - from Milazzo/Messina back to mainland Italy and then a train back to London from Naples or Rome be better?

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@3. such ferries do not exist. There are probably a few from Palermo-Messina only has ferry across the straits-on which also trains go over. Most of these long ferries mostly aim trucks/lorries and often also land at ports far from town/stazione with out even a decent bus to bring you there.

@2.try google-it will always spew out at least rome2rio and omio-but if there is another link this is likel the local company.

@1. it is NOT possible to book direct on TrenItalia-space only-tete is a bypass via but you may simply still be too early-often only from 2 month advance-if even that And NO-space is not sold out so long advance.