Fully booked trains - FREAKING OUT

  • 13 July 2022
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Hey. It’s me again. 


I’m leaving with my friend on the 31th or July or the 1st of August - or at least I’m supposed to. We are cool with the first stop, it could be Amsterdam or any city in Germany really. The thing is that EVERY Interrail ticket is BOOKED. We don’t know where to go, we can’t travel later than that. What the fuck is happening? Why sell 500 euros Interrail passes if you can’t travel with it? 

PLEASE help. It’s urgent.


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From where? From France? From Paris to Germany or Amsterdam? There are more ways to get reservations not only wich has some technical problems with SNCF trains. SNCF can sell reservations at Ticket Office or Call Center. But most international trains of SNCF has only some seats for interrail users. In Germany and Netherlands almost all trains have only optional reservation. 

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Hi - this is a serious issue that clearly keeps on coming up over and over again with Eurail customers over the years and Eurail refuses to fix the fact that YOU CAN ONLY SEE TRUE/ REAL SEAT AVAILABILITY AND REAL SEAT RESERVATIONS AFTER YOU HAVE BOUGHT YOUR PASSES. 

So you spend hundreds of euros/dollars to buy a pass as you are led to believe there are seats available and then the truth is they are not. 

If the system can show true availability after you have bought a pass and activated it they can also show you the same before you buy the pass. They just choose not to show you that info


Oh and when you try to ask for a refund they only give you 85%of your money back….classy move Eurail


Send an email in to complain.


Good luck nonetheless.