Getting from London to Barcelona

  • 4 April 2023
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My daughter is traveling and I’m at home trying to help her. She is in London and needs to get to Barcelona. She has the 15 days in 2 months global pass. We do not understand the app or where she needs to go to get her seat reservations. Can someone make this simple for us and explain it step by step? thank you!



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Your daughter need first a reservation for Eurostar 

This can be done at the Eurostar service desk at the station London St.Pancras 
or at via the website of B-Europe (please note the reservations for Railpass user on Eurostar are limited and especially arround popular traveldates like Easter sold out weeks inadvance :/ ) Pass Reservations for Eurostar 

For Paris - Barcelona reservations are needed aswell and aswell your daughter wanna take one of the worst route for Pass user as there are just 2 trains per day and again only certain seats for Railpassholders 

This train can be reserved via the SNCF (French Rail) service Hotline or at a French ticket office. 

Your Daughter maybe look for Plan B atleast for Paris - Barcelona by takeing a TGV till Perpignan and from there Regionaltrains to Portbou/Cerbere to connect further to Barcelona.

It´s wise that your daughter maybe join by herself this Community or one of the Facebook Groups to get direct help from experienced travelers.