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  • 19 April 2022
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Hello! I have purchased the global pass with 15 travel days. I am confused as to which trains I will need to pay a fee. Some trains, like a train from Paris Gare De Lyon to Geneve require an additional supplement, which I assume is an extra fee. Others list "seat reservations" like a train from London St Pancras to Paris Nord. With the global pass do we need to pay extra for a train with seat reservations or just for trains that say "supplement required"?


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seat reservations mandatory train require in most cases a Reservation you have to pay on top of the Globalpass :) For the London to Paris train it will be arround 30€ and the seats are limited :)

As International reservations are more expensive

You may catch the TGV from Paris to Lyon (or the TGV to Geneva to the last French station as here the reservation will be 10€ limited or 20€ instead of up to 56€ for  a International reservation to Geneve) From Lyon or the last French station you can catch direct regionaltrains reservation free to Geneva :)

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IF you have more time as money-use the regional/local trains as much as poss. Can set the planner in app to trains ´without REServation.
it really varies an awful lot per country how far that is possible. ESpana is by far the very worst in this, then come FRance and Italy. But f.e. in DE=Germany, also Swiss and Austria you can board about any train (except the overnight expresses) without any extra- or if you fear too much about not finding seats-make a optional REServ on the site of THAT railway for 3-5€