Greek Islands Pass - Athens port to islands covered?

Hi, I’m planning to go on an island hopping trip to Greece in september, but my plane lands in Athens.

Can I take a ferry from Athens to (for example) Naxos with the pass? Or do I have to buy a seperate ticket for that? Because I can see the different islands you can travel to, but Athens isn’t on that list.

So I was wondering if the ports in Athen are also a part of the Greek Island pass or not.




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Check yourself-I just remark all the times this ferry pass seems to gather loads of rather UNfavorable reviews. It is NOT al at all valid on all ferries, only those for 2 companies, so it all depends on where you go if it is covered-or not. Plus that even if they do, there may be beter other lines. Google-as always-is your best bet for that.

Athinai has just 1 major port for all its ferries in the suburb/separate interconnected town of Peireas-as about any old-style guidebook will tell. Some very short ferries also leave from some ports at the outer tip of the Attika peninsula.

About ANY island east of Ath will have a direct ferry to it-and depending on location/route to take maybe via other islands. Those in the far north less likely-more to near Thessaloniki.

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Just in case other travelers had the same question: You can find detailed timetable information on Blue Star Ferries and Hellenic Seasways’ websites. We also have a PDF brochure on our website with more information that you can find attached to this post as well. It does seem that all routes in mainland Greece depart either from Patras or Thessaloniki.