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  • 6 April 2022
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Can someone please help me?  I have a global pass.  Eurail is showing no availability for London to Amsterdam on May 2.  However, when I go to Eurostars website they are showing direct routes available.  However I don’t see an option on Eurostar website to enter my pass to only pay the reservation fee.  It wants to charge me as if I don’t even have a pass.  I need to book this asap.  



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You can easily book a ticket via the attached link.


4 euro dossier costs


Good luck!

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BUt it may be that the quota that €* has for passholders is fully taken.

You can still try: go only as far as BRU on that train and use the hourly BeNeLux train (is a bit slower) onward-no need or even possible to REServe that.

Or change that specific train to another one.

Thank you for the reply.  I’ve tried that site as well but having the exact same issue of not seeing where I can add my Global Pass to just pay reservation fee.  It wants to charge me full fare as if I don’t already have a pass.  Where can I enter my Eurail Global Pass number to get the appropriate fare? 


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The screenshots show the normal fares. The link Sven gave was in Dutch without the possibility to change the language… for English, try

It should only show passholder fares. But you do need a pass cover number, which you can request here if you have a mobile pass. Still, the same Eurostars should be bookable on the Eurail website.

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Hi 4ryansanders, Eurostar trains tend to be very booked and packed, so it could be that these trains don’t have seats anymore for pass holders. You can give it a train on the b-europe website as mentioned above, but you will need a pass cover number. You can request one here.