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  • 8 March 2023
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I am trying to book a train from Venice - Munich on

I can’t book a seat reservation on the train 13.35 - 20.26. I rather have one since I am going in the summer and traveling with a young child.

The page is bit confusing, if I put in my interrail card and click on purchase a day ticket a price of 10 Euros comes up. What is this price for, if it is not for a seat? If you click seat option only, it says, not available?

I then went through the process of purchasing a ticket without a interrailcard, it doesn’t seem to be an option for a seat reservation here either?

Does anyone know which one to purchase?


Many Thanks






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You do need a supplement for this train which does cost 10 € 2nd class or 15 € 1st class. It's no reservation. That's what you need with a railpass. It's not allowed to use this train without supplement. 

If you'd like to do a reservation additional, just tap the reservation box when buying the supplement. It's 3 € additional in 2nd class or free in 1st class (if bought with ÖBB). You may save about 2,60 € by buying such a 2nd class combination with, but for 1st class it's cheaper with ÖBB.

The reservation is not mandatory (but recommended in your case), just the supplement is. That's why the system doesn't sell just the reservation, because you do need the supplement, too.

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You can get a free reservation included if you book the supplement via Czech railways. Add Interrail as a discount.


Thank you so much for your help!