Hi, I have been booking UK trains with Eurail pass on GWR website

  • 28 July 2023
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It is my first time using online bookings, so I’m not sure about things, so I’ve got questions


  1.  I’ve reserved seats only, and it doesn’t give me any QR or anything unlike my previous bookings like Eurostar or SNCF. Do I just use the Eurail pass QR when I get on the train, and when they require I show the Eurail pass and the seat reservation code?
  2. I’ve made bookings with both “anytime single” and “advance single”. Is it ok, ie, does the pass work with both booking types?
  3. I cannot modify the seats on the train time or date, or even the seats. Am I not supposed to be able to change or cancel the reservation at all?
    1. What happens if I reserve a seat and actually don’t get on the train, like with unexpected delays prior to the ride? Will there be any penalities?

Thank you very much.


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  1. All you need for your seat reservation is to know what train, carriage and seats you have reserved.  There’s no QR code or similar required.  The QR code generated by your pass is what allows you to travel, but it is separate from any reservation.
  2. From what I have read on the GWR website and what I have experienced this is OK.  When you are making a seat reservation it just needs a ticket type associated with it (because of the way their system is set up), but as above the ticket and reservation are actually distinct and when you get on the train the ticket inspector won’t have any idea who has reserved what seat with what ticket type.
  3. In general, yes, you should be able to modify seating.  I had something similar before where I had a reservation on one train on a route and then got another earlier train on the day.  I thought it would be nice to cancel the later one and free up the seat but I couldn’t find the mechanism to do that.  Since the reservation was free there was no cost or benefit to me whether I traveled in the reserved seat or not.
    1. Nope, no penalties.