• 22 October 2023
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Hi there, 

My name is Tom and i’m thinking about interrailing next Spring. I just wondered what people’s idea is on hostels? Should i book these in advance for each city?

My route will be London-Amsterdam-Prague-Vienna-Rome-Paris-London.

I thought it would be a good idea to book the hostel in Amsterdam, but then i might decide to spend an extra day in Prague. If i do it would change my plan, not the end of the world but not great.

Or would it be easier to pay for them whilst i am on the trip? If i do a bit of planning before i go i can work out where to stay.

Any opinions?



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My rule of thumb is to only book refundable accommodation … unless you see a great price, or your going to a city where accommodation might sell out (or you have a real favourite place you want to stay, and it might sell out).

Plans can and do change. You might love our hate one city, you might meet people along the way. You might see that it's raining for 10 days in Prague so why go now?

I mostly book a day or two ahead, and never have a problem finding decent, affordable accommodation. (I did book a couple of weeks ahead for Rome.)

Often it can be only slightly more expensive to go for the flexible booking.

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Also, Spring is less hectic than summer, so there's even less risk of places being full

Thankyou raiderton!

Is the price still reasonable if you book closer to staying there?

I looked online in Amsterdam and Prague and i can get a hostel for around £60-£80 a night. Will it be around the same or just over that price?

I’m willing to pay that bit extra of course!


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Amsterdam is very expensive. I'd book that one in advance, the rest can wait.

Also look at other cities like Utrecht, a lot cheaper with very good train connections.

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That sounds expensive for a hostel! I was paying about €40 a night in Italy, Greece and Germany this spring, mostly in hotels.

It's never possible to be 100% sure, but in my experience, hostel prices don't vary as much as hotels do

If you find a flexible Price, you can always lock a rate in now, and rebook later.

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Hostel prices do vary - in summer season they are often double.

In some places with limited hostels it pays off to book in advance (for example Isle of Skye). In general you will find in a big city always a place to stay, just the quality can be a question 😅 

but traveling in spring it shouldn’t be a problem. I am now traveling in Spain and hostels are only half full except on weekends…


Thankyou, i appreciate the feedback!

So how do you find a hostel in general? Is it just as easy as looking at maps on your phone/using

This might seem a stupid question but i want to make sure i do everything right

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Combined with Tripadvisor and Google Maps.

Hi again, was also wondering is it best to take a suitcase and a backpack or just a large backpack? 

I was thinking both of them as i am going for two months but what do people think?

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We are getting into personal choice territory here, but in general: less, less, less! 

Every trip I’ve been on, I’ve taken less and less. Ideally, a backpack small enough that you don’t mind walking round a city for a few hours if you can’t find a luggage locker.

I’ve done 2 months with a 28 litre rucksack, and I didn’t feel like I was short of anything. It makes you a lot more agile moving around.

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One other tip: don't take your British plug + bulky adapters.

Get yourself a Europlug USB charger for your devices instead. Much smaller and lighter and super useful for carrying around with you. Works everywhere except UK, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus.



Thankyou for your ideas, they have been really helpful!