How can I check my seat is canceled?

  • 14 September 2022
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Hi, this time I want to go to Italy. But I booked wrong date. So I canceled the ticket. But it looks like my reservation hasn't been canceled yet like the picture. How can I confirm that my seat has been canceled? Or do I not have to worry about this? I booked and canceled yesterday. Thank you for your reply in advance..



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4 replies

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What happens if you press the icon with the trash bin?

When I press the icon, a window appears to select the person to cancel. Then, when I press validate, the screen appears like a picture, and nothing changes after that. I asked this to the customer service center, but the wrong reservation was canceled. Do you happen to know anything about this?


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It seems your reservation was non-refundable, often the case, so there was no need to cancel - simply don’t turn up.

Unfortunately since the error was yours there would seem to be nothing to do except accept it and rebook again at extra cost.

If you hadn’t cancelled you may have been able to negotiate a free change at the station before boarding, but worst case would then be paying on the day.

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The reservation should be changeable though via Trenitalia. I'm not sure if that is possible via other means than the Trenitalia ticket office.