How do I find my Eurail seat reservation bookings

I’ve had a melt down of my emails; doesn’t look like I forwarded this one to my husband… and can’t find it anywhere on the site! 

I do have the reference number, but not any details of carriage, seats and etc., for tomorrow… and with travelling, I have to rely on all of the above… not printouts! 


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Have you looked in your Eurail account? E-reservations should be able to download there.

After half an hour or more trying to find *where* in my Eurail App they *might* be, (which is where I was looking, in the first place… ) I finally found them, but it’s not instinctive for me to use an App and I hate it… Then I could only download them to the iPhone, and it was a nightmare knowing where they went after that… but we did find them, but can’t print them, so hope no-one asks (so far no-one has ever queried our seat reservations… I guess we look too honest!) tomorrow for anything more than what we can show on the ‘phones.  (All the others were there, too, but they’d either been printed, when we access to a printer, or forwarded, (before I lost all my emails).