How do i get into Athens Greece?

Recently I have been looking at the trains into Athens Greece from Prague. In the Rail planner I went from Prague to Athens and found no trains. Then I put Belgrade, which didn't even come up. Finally I put Skopje Macedonia to Athens and also couldn't find a train. Is there something I'm missing here? Or is there no longer a way to Athens with the eurail?


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There are no trains to Greece. 

Διεθνείς Σιδηροδρομικές Γραμμές - TrainOSE

It’s possible to go by ferry from Italy.

Or by bus or plane (not included in your rail pass). 

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Dobri den?

Not just that but also NO trains over border from Hrvatska-Rep. Serbije NOR Serbije-Macedonija, NOR Mac-GR. The rails were not maintained since Yugoslavija fell apart some 30+ yrs ago and this means they are fallen apart and are too dangerous to have trains on them. large scale renovation is now under way for B-pest Beograd-the rest not yet.

WIZZair offers quite cheap low-cost flites anywhere in east EUR-or smartwings (pay extra for anything else as just a seat).
The czechs, landliocked as they are, flock to the coast of SLOvenija/Hrvatska (sagfe, also In EU) with special holiday trains of RegioJet. Passes not valid on these trains.

We also want to go to greece from serbia. An option is to go to croatia and then italy with ferrie to corfu.