How do we book the night train Munich - Rome?

I am trying to book a night train Munich to rome on Friday september 2nd 2022 for 2 youths. we are planning to buy the global eurail pass 7 day travel pass and want to know how we can book this night train. we want the 6 berth couchette.



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Angebote und Tickets (

Select “Eurail / Interrail” as reduction. But there are just seats available.

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The Nighttrain to Rome is quite popular :/

For the selected day there are only seats left from Munich :/

You may catch the 2nd part of this Nighttrain in Vienna (depature from Vienna at 19.23) as this part still offer Couchette berths to Rome :)

The Nighttrains start in Munich and Vienna with 2 parts one part for Rome and one for Milan :) In Villach the trains will next to each other and the carriages will be sorted in one train going to Rome (with the carriages from Vienna & Munich) and one to Milan ( with the carriages from Munich and Vienna)