How does it work with trains that do not require reservations?

  • 30 March 2022
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I know that's a very frequent question but i Search and couldn't find the answer... sorry for the inconvenience...So i bought my pass for Italy...If the Train that i have choose to travel DOESN'T need reservations for seats what am i doing... Going to the station find the Train hop in and find dome empty seats?And if i m asked for a ticket i dhow them my pass?or do. I have to go earlier to the station desk and show them my pass to give me tickets? thank you 


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For like Regionale (R or REG), Regionale Veloce (RV or RGV) and Regio Express (RE) of Trenitalia, Trenord and Micotra you only need to hop on the train. 

Your Ticket is the Interrail Pass. 

For long distance trains like IC, EC (of Trenitalia), Frecciabianca and high speed trains Frecciargento, And Frecciarossa you need an additional reservation (3€ (IC) or 10€)

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Same applies to about ANY train ride on non-reserved trains anywhere in EUR=the big majority of all trains running. The old-style paper passes only wanted one to write down the trips made-and this is the app-fone equivalent.

In some countries you may have to pass gates to enter-also ITaly in some cases. The QR code from app-pass maybe works-if not have to go via staff recourse

Thank you very very much.!!! You are the best