How does the interrail pass work with Eurostar?

  • 30 March 2024
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To get onto Eurostar with a ‘normal’ ticket, you scan the ticket at the barrier.  The ticket bar code has encoded your train ticket which includes your seat reservation and the barrier opens.  However with interrail do you not have two separate components - your interral ticket showing that you are eligible to travel in Europe that day and your seat reservation for  a particuar Eurostar train.   So what do you do in order to board a Eurostar train - and does it work any differently compared to when using a normal ticket?




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You may scan your reservation. If it doesn’t work, just speak with the guard and show your reservation and / or railpass if asked for.

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As above. Often the barcode on your reservation will open the barriers, sometimes you get a beep and have to see one of the staff to show them your pass.

In my experience, Gare du Nord always requires you to see the staff, but I guess they can adjust the settings on the gates to accept or reject reservations, depending on the day.