How long does it take to get from London St. Pancras to London Victoria?

  • 14 May 2022
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I am looking to book a National Express coach from London Victoria coach station after departing from the eurostar. There is guidance about how long to arrive before the journey but nothing about how long to allow  to get off the eurostar to st pancras! How long would you say would be safe enough? 

2 replies

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You'd normally be outside St. Pancras station after 5-10 minutes. And then you still need to get to Victoria of course.

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At LEAST 1 hr-and that is if you do not have an overload of luggage. There is also a near 10 mins WALK (if you know the way) from Undergr stop Vict to that busstation. Besides N-Ex there is also Megabus/FLIX that may offer other dep. timings/prices.

IF you do not know LON: there are NO more Tickets old-style for undergr: you pass gates by using any cr/cd-bankpass-price will vary to time of day and how many other trips you happen to make that day in LOndon.