How to book a 6 berth couchette privately from Budapest to Romania

Hi - we are a family of 4 backpacking from London to Istanbul in August 2023.

We want to book a 6 berth couchette exclusively for us from Budapest to Sighisoara in Romania. The Inter-rail booking system will only let us book 4 tickets in a 6 berth (there are no 4 berth couchettes showing as available otherwise I would book that). The Romanian train website shows availability for a 6 berth but says you can only book a max of 5 tickets. We don’t mind paying for the additional 2 places to guarantee having it to ourselves. I can’t see how to use our inter-rail pass if I book direct either.

Can anyone help us navigate this? How can we use our interrail pass to book a couchette exclusively for this journey?

Thank you!


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You’re in luck as this night train is the only one between Budapest and Bucharest that is available to book through (no booking fee) : add Interrail and select one-way tickets.

There should be a 4-people compartment for 80€. (Otherwise you can book 2 additional places in a 6-people compartment as you said). OBB shows the arrival time at 08:21 but there is 1h time difference so it’s actually 09:21. :)

Let me know if something doesn’t work, mentioning your travel date.

OBB is really great and works in many countries. Seat reservations are best booked elsewhere than because it is sometimes more expensive, incomplete and adds 2€ booking fee per person per train. :) More info available throughout the forum

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What is your travel date? "August 2023” is still quite vague.

In any case, you can book the 22:45 night train from Budapest on This trains also has 4-person couchette compartments.

Thank you so much!!!

I hadn’t heard of the OBB website and had been mainly planning via Inter-Rail website and then double-checking on Man in Seat 61 and the country train websites. 

I’ll have a good look at this tomorrow and will let you know if I’m still stuck.

Thank you!!