How to book and which trains connects from Berlin Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and France then UK

  • 31 March 2022
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First time here, I am planning to start my schengen trip from Berlin Germany and would like to see the following countries like Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France. Then from France to UK. Anyone who could help me how to get and start by using train. Your help will be great. 


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Mabuhay, pinoy!

This info is, as its mostly aimed at the many tourists visiting EUR for first time, put in the country-info in the general site It will show maps of networks, some description of types of train, nice routes for scenic views etc.

You have chosen easy countries; DE, CH, AT: all main lines have trains ev, hour-or even more often, you can, if wanted REServe seats, but if you are single can always find some seat most of times and trains go everywhere. In the mountains many good views too.

In FR there are many superfast trains (TGV), these cost an extra 10 or 20€/ride and must be reserved.

ESpana is the most difficult country to use trains must all be REServed and often this can only be done when there. The INTern. TGV trains FR-ES cost an awful lot extra-can avoid spending too many PHP by using local trains.

The only train FR->UK (Make sure you have a valid visa for to visit-it has never been in Schengen and is now out of EU=brexit!!) is called EuroStar and runs from Brussel/BE or Paris/FR-extra cost 30€.

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In Switzerland you rarely need to make a reservation. The trains run very frequently and there are only a few trains scenic routes where reservations are mandatory, see link below.