How to book reservations for 2 people

  • 2 March 2022
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My girlfriend and I have bought mobile, 10 day passes. We have never been to Europe before (Canadians). These are the questions I have:

  • When you plan a trip some stops/trains say there is a reservation needed. How do I make reservations? I have tried to make them on the Rail Planner App and online but have had no luck at all. I have read countless how-to guides with no success. For example, most say to go to the eurail/interrail website to make them. I go to the website, click “yes” when asked if I have a pass, when I go to log in/create an account there is no where for me to enter my pass number like all of the online forums say there is; and when I go to my account settings, there is no option to add a pass/ traveller. And once logged in and I click to book reservations its just a FAQ page with nothing to actually book the reservations. 
  • One train we want is from Interaken to Venice, there is 2 changes on the journey and the 3rd from from Brigs requires seat reservations. 
  • When making reservations, how do you ensure that you and the other person you are travelling with reserve seats together? As of now each of us have the Rail Planner App downloaded on our phones and pass details entered.


Any and all help/suggestions are welcome for this travel newb!


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Since yesterday, there's a problem with making reservations through Eurail. Please hold on while they fix it.

To make reservations together, please check this page. I believe however that this functionality also has a problem since yesterday, so please wait for a bit.

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AND-again-most newbees, even Canucks, tend to sweat that they have to make those REServ. monthes ahead=nonsense. F.e. there are several trains Swiss-MIlano, and its easy to make that RES-with the request to sit sidebyside, at any Swiss counter a day or 2-3 before. That way you also have more chance for possibly changed plans, strikes, stormy wheather or other disruptions.

If you have more definite plans for routes to take-post them, often we can give more precise advice in how to possibly avoid them or ALTernatives

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There was indeed an issue on our side with the trips& travellers section and the reservation tool. This is now resolved. As rvdborgt mentioned you can follow the instructions on this page to make seat reservations together.