How to get an electronic ticket in Croatia-Re

  • 30 July 2021
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Hello everyone ! 

Mi friend and i we are travelling across Europe this month of August. Our trip brings us to Croatia where i would like to take the InterCity Nagibni from Zagreb to Split. So far so good. 

Nevertheless a reservation is required on this train and only the paper format seems available. The problem is that the train is leaving this August 13 and therefore the paper ticket will not arrive before the departure of the train at my home (Nancy/France), for this reason the reservation is not successful. 


Do you know maybe how can i get an electronic ticket for this particular journey ? 

Or maybe is it possible to book a seat directly on the same day in the station of Zagreb ? 

I hope i have been as clear as possible. 

Thank you in advance for your answers. 




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The Route is very popular and the train can be sold out due the special coast offer of Croatian Rail :/ you can reserve the trains for example at a German Ticket office if you comeing through Germany. Otherwise you try to get it in Zagreb at the station :)

Here the special Coastal offer :) Maybe worth to use it and save a travelday of a flexipass :)