How to make a reservation for an AVE train Operated by SNCF?

  • 30 June 2021
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It does not seem to be possible to make a simple reservation on this website. Interrail does not respond to my twitter DMs or when I’m trying to contakt them via Facebook messenger. There is no email adress i can write to and the only phone number is really really expensive (>1,20€/min).

All i want is a simple reservation for my brother. His name is "Niklas Jacobsen". He would like to travel the following connection(s): Date: Saturday the 17 of July Departure: 8:15 Barcelona Sants Intermediate Stop: Lyon Part Dor Arrival: 17:43 at Bruxelles Midi

Please get in touch with me. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

3 replies

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@Nanja  something for Support

Hi @Matthis Jacobsen  you can write a email to reservations for Spain and France are quite hard and even expensive :)

You can visit a Ticketoffice of Deutsche Bahn, SNCB(Belgian Rail) and many other International Ticket offices to reserve because Interrail charge for the Reservation service a service fee :) Many offices like DB Reiezentrum doesn´t charge such service fee :)

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Deutsche Bahn should be able to sell the reservation from Barcelona to Lyon (ticket office or via telephone), but I'm not sure about the one from Lyon to Brussels. The DB documentation only mentions normal tickets for this TGV, no Interrail supplements. Belgian railways should be able to sell both, SNCF also, both at the ticket office or via telephone.

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Hi @Matthis Jacobsen, our Customer Support team has been in contact with you and reached out to you just now to assist you further with your latest questions. Cheers:relaxed: