How to plan and budget for my journey

Hello, I am planning a trip to Europe with my family.
I would like to know the total cost “Including train seats” for 3 Adults and 2 children ages (10) which travel for free correct? and (12) years old. Total of 5 passengers. 


Aug-10th from “Rotterdam" to "Paris" - 

Aug-11th from "Paris to “Geneva" - 

Aug-14th from “Geneva" to "Brussels" - 

Aug-16th from "Brussels" to “Rotterdam"


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The homework you really have  to do yourself-and wil also depend on wat trains you use-or ´are able to get´ due to many trains cancelled and other strikes and mishaps.

Just play with the general info and a long list of countries and REServ cost etc will appear

There is NO direct train GVB->Bru.

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I appreciate that this information is likely too old to be useful, but as another member pointed out, travelers really are encouraged to do their own homework before buying a pass and before their journey. Luckily we have several planning tools and info available to you. First of, you can find more info about traveling in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium on our website. We do have this planning tool available online which allows you to search for a specific journey. You can see departure time, train type and reservation price (if necessary). You can also use the planning function in our Rail Planner app. It might be useful to note that our timetable data is not able to show cancellations and delays, so please cross-check train times with the relevant carrier.