How to receive ticket reservation by post when I am leaving Canada in 2 weeks

  • 23 August 2023
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I have a europe trip planned out but am not sure what to do about two of the trains I am wanting to take. I leave Canada on September 6th (15 days away) and need the train reservations (that are delivered by post) for September 16th and September 19th.


On the 16th I am planning on taking the Eurocity train from Berlin to Krakow and on the 19th I am planning on taking the Intercity night train from Krakow to Budapest. I will be at a hostel in Berlin from the 13th-16th of September. Should I send the tickets there? Or am I able to get the reservations a different way?


Thanks a lot in advance.


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Most train reservations are delivered by pdf, just show them digitally or print them out. For night trains best print them out, as crew holds on to your ticket mostly.

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For Berlin - Krakow : either you buy one on from the border (Rzepin - Krakow) for 1 PLN (0.20€) or you wait until you get in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany and buy one for the whole journey at a ticket counter (4.90€).

Krakow - Budapest should be available online on but it doesn't work at the moment... try again later or otherwise buy it at any train station in Germany, Switzerland, etc.

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The advice is not to get tickets delivered to a hotel or similar. The tickets are sent by registered mail and there has been many reports of tickets that haven’t been delivered correctly. Follow the advice of @thibcabe instead of ordering paper tickets.