How to travel from Athens Greece to Patra Greece with Eurail Global Pass

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I am checking the train timetable to travel from Athens Greece to Patra Greece using Eurail global pass on Aug 11, 24 and it shows  "can't find any train to match".  I tried different dates, I got the same results.

I also have tried Athens to Kiato and got the same results.  So, I am confused.  I am just trying to get to Patras and get on the Ferry to go to Bai, Italy.  How do I get from Athens to the Ferry at Patras ?

Please help.


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The timetable is just in the app until May 31st. Expect later dates to come. You may have a look at the timetable for May to get an idea how ot will look like.

But it's always a train and bus combo that takes about 3 hours (every hour from noon; every two hours in the morning).

You do need a mandatory reservation for the bus part (needs to be done at a greek station; should be free of charge).

Thank you.  This helps a lot. I will check it out.