How to Use Mobile Pass As Bus Ticket

  • 12 July 2022
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Hi there!

I‘ve been wondering how I could use my mobile pass as a bus ticket. As for train rides, you need to select your train in the app to activate the ticket, but I can‘t find any bus connections. I‘d like to use it in the city of Zurich and to just spontaneously hop on a bus or other city transport. Do you know how this works?



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3 replies

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It doesn’t.

Interrail is not valid for city bus, tram and in many cases metro networks.

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Details where your pass is valid.


Also the Rail Network Guides section under the More tab in the planner app.

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ONLY bus that-sometimes-will take passes are those that run as rail-replacement-as there are agin works a;ong the tracks. In some countries very frequent, in others hardly any. These buses will nearly always have some sign they ´run for railway X´. Hardly ever tickets are checked on them, BTW. If its part of the way-just follow crowd-you are tipically not only 1 in trains.