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  • 5 June 2023
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My young adult children have the eurail pass. If I go to the app on my phone, add their passes and save their trips, is there a way for them to see the reservations? Or could I share screenshots of the qr codes?  They have all of their seat assignments.  There is one train from Strasbourg to Lucerne that does not require a seat reservation, but I know I need to somehow get a ticket for it. I am not traveling with them.  Just helping them out.  Once I add their tickets to my app, will they be able to add them to their app? Or is there a link I can share for them to get the QR code?


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You can't have their passes on your phone if you are not travelling with them. They must have the passes on their phones so that they can create the QR code (ticket) for each travel day. A screenshot of the QR code is not a valid ticket. 

Seat reservation are totally separate from the Railplanner app so the reservations will never appear in the app.