I can't see my reservation in the overview page and how long does reservation refund take?

  • 18 July 2022
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Hello everyone!

I am writing to kindly ask you a question (anyone aswering will be much appreciated). I re-booked the seats as my prior order went wrong (apparently when I first tried there was a technical issue with Italian trains), this time I received the tickets in my email but I can't see the order in the Reservations Overview page in my Interrail account, is that normal?.

Moreover, does anyone know when I’ll approximately receive the refund for the first order? I did write an e-mail to the custumer service, they read it  but never responded.

Thanks in advance for you help and you kindness. Hope you have a nice day





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Hey Anna, thanks for your question! I am sorry for the late reply. I indeed remember the issue with the reservation of the Italian trains. 
Did you receive your reservation tickets and your refund? In case you need further assistance, please send me a DM.

Kind regards,


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Hi Annie! 

Luckly everything went smoothly: I received the reservation ticket and the refund, and I had a good time on my trip😉🤗.

Thanks for you kindness, hope you have a good day 😀

Hey, :)

I am hoping that you can help me with my question.

While booking, we received an email saying that our reservation was cancelled due to a technical problem, which also prevented the refund of our order with number R20221042156. This had been sent 3 October and we were promised that the money would be refunded to the same account I used to pay for our reservation. And that this would be processed within 2 days. But this is not yet the case. I haven't received anything yet. Has something gone wrong? And could this amount still be refunded? This reservation is also not standing in our reservation overview.
Thank you in advance.

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@Sietske Jongejan 

This is a question for Customer Support. Please use the form below to contact them.

@AnnaB Thank you for your this link Anna! I will contact them about this. ;)