I can't seem to buy seat reservations in the app; Edinburg- York

Trying to book tickets for a train from Edinburgh to York on my mobile app. Trains leave like every half hour. Most require seat reservations, but several don’t. Reservations are only a few dollars so I’m thinking I’d like to get one just to feel like my seat is secure. I can’t figure out how to purchase it on app though. It says I need to do it in person. So confused.


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I’ve downloaded the Mobile App and loaded my families 4 Eurail Passes. But does that mean I also have a Eurail Account. Because when I tried to log into to Eurail Account on computer website, it said my email and password didn’t work. Is that something separate I need to do?

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It is FREE when done at a counter In the UK. And yes indeed-it is mentioned that only the direct to LON trains by LNER (or so) need to-and even that is not really true (though may be advisable for trips on busy times to LON). To Y you can also use TransPennine without doing-just scan the tiny screens above seats for available or reserved.

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Day trains in the UK do not require reservations; the app is incorrect. Reservations can often be made though free of charge at a British ticket office or online using these steps.

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The App is separate from the Eurail account. I guess that you would have created the Eurail account when you purchased the Eurail passes. That is at least how it worked when I bought Interrail passes some dags ago. I had to create an Interrail account in order to buy the passes.