I cannot find any trains in Croatia in advance

  • 3 January 2023
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Hey, I am planning to travel to Croatia soon bit I can’t find any connections to or from Croatia in the interrail app. I was able to plan a trip through Croatia in Dezember in the app but now when I try to search the trip again the app says there are no trains for that route. Does anyone know why there are no connections for Croatia in the interrail app ?


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2 replies

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Again; as so often, thats waaaaaaaaaaay too early now. Be happy if the LOCAL site of the railways even has info for the next 2-3 monthes. Dont panick or sweat: as such the service hardly changes, so simply use a samedayofweek for global rough planning. Dec is not soon for me-but perhaps this was an error?

A 2nd reason might simply be that you look for towns you have read glorious reports of in some mag or TV-simply has no trains at all. Dubrovnik f.e. There simply are not that may raillines there and the service they do have tends also to be rather sparse. As a general rule BUSes are far more frequent and faster too over there-trains can only win some custom by being quite cheap.

Forget even sing that app of Eurail for planning-outofdate. use a general one like, first choice is always that of local railway.


Installiere dir die DB Navigations App, die hat auch für die Großteil der europäischen Länder alle Züge für die kommenden Monate.