I cant see my trip on the online website

  • 17 June 2022
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I have created a trip in the mobile app, and I want to add another traveller and make reservations. for that I have to use the online website(?), but when I login with the email I bought my pass I dont see my trip anywhere. Do I have to start over and can I see wich trains I have added online like in the app? or how do I fix this. I haven’t activated the pass in the app yet


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Hi, the app and the website are not connected together. 

You only search at the website for the trains that need reservations and book there. 


Also check other ways o get reservations, because cost more and sometimes it does not work. 

How to get Reservations 🙂 | Community  (P.S. for italian trains the info is old there, but you can use the tutorial the post below).