I'd like to book a night train from Prague to Budapest on December 20

  • 21 November 2022
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On the Eurail website, there is a direct night train line between Prague and Budapest on December 20, but there is no such line on the mobile app. So I'm going to save the route as a manual in a mobile application and reserve a seat on the Eurail website. However, the payment continued to fail. Therefore, I made a reservation for a seat on the 12/20 Prague-Budapest direct night train by paying 502 koruna on the Czech train website. When I take the train, should I show the Eurail application that I manually registered and the ticket that I reserved a seat?


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9 replies

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502 Koruna sounds quite expensive for a seat reservation and quite cheap for a sleeper supplement. What exactly did you book? It sounds more like a full price saver ticket…

Yes, you have to show the Eurail application to the conductor (with the trip added) and if he asks for the reservation, also show it.

Thank you so much for your answer!!!. :) I booked a t3 sleeper on the night train 12/20 10:43 from Prague to Budapest. The train ticket and the sleeper seat reservation were 1230 Koruna. I only reserved a bedside seat, so it was 502 Koruna. As far as I understand, the ticket I manually added to the application is the train ticket role, and the sleeper booked on the Czech train website is the concept of seat reservation, right? And the picture below is the one I reserved


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CZK 502 is the price of a 3-berth sleeper. I don't think there are though coaches with seats.

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If you wait until your travel day, the timetable may have been updated, and then you don't need to add a manual journey.

This is a ticket that I manually added. This is the role of a ticket and the reservation over there gives me a sleeping seats, right?


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Yeah, right, but I would add the trip only before on the day of travel… if something changes etc., you would waste a travel day in the worst case ;-).

Which means you want me to check my schedule again before I go on a trip that I added manually? Thank you for your answer!! :)

Did I make the right reservation for the sleeper? I'm a little nervous because I didn't make a reservation on the Eurail website

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Yes, you made the right reservation.
Mostly the national railway websites are the better option for reservations than the Eurail website… and cheaper one as well.

I mean if something about your travelplan would change. Better to fill in the journeys only shortly before you start each leg of your trip… in case you get sick, have an accident, there’s a railway strike or whatever.

thank you :)!!!!!!