IC 394 Hamburg to Copenhagen - reservation impossible. Other options?

  • 10 July 2022
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Hi all


I need to get from Hamburg to Copenhagen on the 23rd of July. The best train i could find when previously looking was the IC 394 train.

When i try to reserve a seat for that train it says that “Reservation impossible”… for all trains leaving in that direction. Is there something happening that i have missed? Is a seat reservation really needed for this route or could i give it a go anyways without a reservation?


Perhaps there is another route i could take just in case? Although, to be fair, there doesn’t seem to be too many ways to Denmark from Hamburg...


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2 replies

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All IC trains between Hamburg and Copenhagen are sold out on that day. You can check for yourself at DSB utland


@rvdborgt @seewulf What about other option for a travel from Hamburg to Copenhagen? 

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ALT :RE till Flensburg-then DSB from there (NO RES needed)-maybe also change Fredericia/Kolding-check dsb.bk planner for more info