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  • 12 March 2023
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Hi there,

I'm planning my Interrail trip for next summer. The idea is to travel from the Netherlands to Ancona or Bari (Italy) and from there take the ferry to Albania.

Now it seems nice to travel to München by day train and from there take the night train to Ancona. However, I'm struggling with the ICE reservations. The most convenient route would be to take the 08.34 ICE 105 from Utrecht Centraal to Mannheim and change to the 12.30 ICE 595 to München (preferred date 10 July). Now, via the "seat only" option on the Deutsche Bahn website, I try to reserve seats for said trains. The ICE 595 seems to work fine, but for the ICE 105 it says "Reservation temporarily not possible". I've tried several times over the course of 1-2 weeks so it seems persistent and not temporary.

Another option is the 11.04 ICE 123 from Utrecht to Cologne/Köln and from there the 13.55 ICE 519 to München. Seat reservations for both ICE 123 and ICE 519 can be booked just fine. So it's probably not (a) that I'm too early or (b) that it has something to do with the ICE Netherlands-Germany situation.


Any idea why the ICE 105 can't be reserved? If it were fully booked I’d expect it to say that instead of this mysterious error.


Other traveling tips/suggestions for alternative routes are welcome, too.


Thanks in advance.


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Thanks. We decided to take the 11.04 ICE 123 after all because the transfer time in Mannheim with the 08.34 ICE 105 would be a bit short. So problem solved :-)

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Sounds as if the timetable hasn't been finalised yet, maybe because of engineering works.