If not using the Inbound/outbound journeys, can I use them as a normal day?

  • 18 July 2022
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Im gonna use 

Craiova Vidin

Vidin Sofia

Sofia Halkali


Bulgaria is my country of residince but im not gonna stay or return from Istanbul to Bulgaria.

Im just gonna pass it.

Can i use my out/inbound journeys like a a normal day 


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3 replies

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IF you have the mobile pass-it will count the days you travel IN BG-and thus-IF you can mange to make all these trips across in that single day, then it should be OK.

@mcadv Thanks 

Craiova Vidin 8 11

Vidin sofia 12 17

Sogia halkalo 18 04

The trains which ill take in bulgaria are in the same day

So in/outbound is not importsnt for mobile pass

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There is no need to use an in/outbound day if it's not useful to you. The app automatically detects when you are traveling in your country of residence so it will automatically use the in/outbound days if you travel in Bulgaria. The in/outbound days can be used at any point in your trip.