Impossible to login to website

  • 24 February 2022
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Hi, there seems to be a problem with the website.  I can only login if I use google.  I first logged in using a password but it will no longer let me.

My friend has the same problem. She managed to log in once and book one reservation, but now she can no longer do so. She asks for a password reset just in case, but this was never sent. She doesn't have a google account so can’t log in that way.

Can anyone help - is this a temporary problem with the website, or can you only login with google or facebook?

If so she is completely stuck!


4 replies

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I can log in (with specific account for this website) so for me it works normally.

If you say which trains you'd like to book, then people can suggest alternatives.

Thanks, you are lucky! Have you tried more than once? We both could log in the first time.

there is obviously something wrong as the reset password never arrives.

she wants to book the Eurostar, but will need to book others later.


Eurail doesn’t have a password reset feature that works so you’re kinda screwed. Ran into same problem

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If you can only login with Google then you likely created an account with Eurail/Interrail by using your Google credentials. This is also why you are not receiving a password reset email. Please continue to login using your Google credentials.