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I have booked reservation using Global Interrail passes to take a night train from Nice to Genova. I have been charged 122 euro for first class travel but have been issued second class tickets at 3 euros. There are 7 of us travelling. I had intended to book the first class berths. I am assuming the berths are sold out and have been allocated the seats. Is it straight forward to receive the difference for the incorrect payment?


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Appologies I meant night train from Genova to Rome

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You have booked a Sleeping car and not a seat. Please get in touch with costumer service they can only help you. 

Some nighttrains in Italy do not have seat cars only couchette and sleeping cars. Due to Corona till timetable change in 2 weeks only complete compartments are possible to reserve. I do not know if the Interrail reservation service will be able to change this in the next time.